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Automotive Rings

We manufacture all types of rings for automotive and industrial applications as per customers specifications.

The company if fully geared to manufacture products in a variety of sizes and elastomers viz. HIGH NITRILE, ACRYLONITRILE BUTADIENE RUBBER (NBR), NEOPRENE, SILICON, VITON , EPDM, POLYACRYLIC, POLYURETHANE , HNBR , FLUORO SILICONE AND TEFLON ETC.

'O' Rings
ITEM-CODE: RH01 The most inexpensive and economical sealing element. All O-Rings are made according to international standard.
* ISO3601 *AS568A
* DIN3771 *BS1806

'X' Rings
ITEM-CODE: RH02 A four lip seal. It sizes and compounds are the same as those of O-Ring but with high sealing efficiency and low friction than O-Ring.

'B/U' Rings
ITEM-CODE: RH03 A pure hard rubber piece with concave on one side relative to the o-ring shape Good for use together with o-ring to prevent extrusion and nibbling where large clearance or high pressure exist.